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No need to worry about expensive inventory or payroll - just a simple way to take control of how you earn a living with a team that are dedicated to your personal and professional development.

 Of course, like anything worth having in life, it'll take a little bit of courage and effort on your end - but that's why we're here to guide you through every step of your new journey.

Earn A Living Helping Others 
Improve Their Health

Backed up by a revolutionary breakthrough that is taking the world by storm, we're simply on the look out for motivated individuals looking to make a living, while making a difference.
  • Work from home using your phone or computer
  • ​Choose your own working hours
  • ​Full training and support provided with your very own team
  • ​​No experienced required - just a passion for health and personal growth
Make A Living While Making A Difference
Get started today with your free information pack and we'll show you exactly how you can start making a living while making a difference from the comfort of your own home with the step-by-step support you need to succeed.
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Hi, We're Ekkehart & Marion Mundana
We were both teachers for many years with all kinds of stresses involved while bringing up our 4 daughters. Even then, we were actively looking for ways to financially free ourselves and take control of our life. We loved spending time with our family, travelling, the outdoors and creative pursuits like playing music and writing. However, our full-time teaching jobs and paying off a large mortgage didn't allow us time for anything other than working. Things only got worse when like so many others, we were badly burnt during the GFC and nearly lost everything, including our home. Thankfully we pulled through but our mortgage went through the roof and just as we thought we were back in the clear, Marion had a major accident in 2010 that forced her out of teaching for good.

With growing financial stresses and 4 kids to take care off, we decided to double down on finding a way to generate an extra income. With multiple failures and tens of thousands of dollars invested, we were at the verge of giving up when 
a friend introduced us to an amazing breakthrough in wellness and health. Skeptics ourselves, we went into it cautiously but when we saw the results of this technology on our own health and of those around us - we knew that we finally found what we'd been looking for. We took that first step those years ago and we haven't looked back since. Now, we've been able to indulge our passion for travel, move across the country to be closer to our children and have the time freedom to focus on the things that we truly hold dear with the comfort of a steady income hitting our bank accounts, every single week.

So if you're looking for a way to earn an extra income from home, take control of your time and experience the health benefits that come from a world-leading wellness product, hit the button below and we'll have your free information pack sent straight through to you. Like anything worth having in life, it takes a little bit of conscious effort but if you're excited to achieve your goals, are open to following some simple instructions and put in the little bit of time necessary to get results - we're here to help. We can't wait to help you get started on your very own journey!

More Testimonials from Our Associates

"I have a serious and very challenging health/family situation in my life. This prevented me from focusing on my business. Fortunately , thanks to this amazing business , every Friday there is money in my bank account to support me and my family. 

Without this passive income my life would be even more challenging. It allows me to stay home and look after my son during his recovery.

It allows me to stay home and look after my son during his recovery."

- Peter K  |  Australia
"I was left with really nothing coming in, I had been divorced and I was a single mom, …it was very, very scary. I had looked for jobs for 6 months, went through all my savings and was completely bankrupt. 

When I got the letter of foreclosure, I just didn’t know what to do. I felt pretty hopeless so when a friend of mine called me to say “Debbie, there’s been a breakthrough… it’s something you might want to take a look at" - I was so excited that I decided to do this as a business myself.

It saved my home by simply working from home."

- Debbie W.  |  U.S.A.
"I knew that … this is visionary. This is breakthrough technology. This is stuff that the world doesn't even know about yet. ..I started to get really excited because here’s this company that is teaching the world in business, how to interact with kindness and respect and love and compassion. 

Now we can just work from home. .. and with this flexibility of time... I'm having the best time of my life. All the time and we can be together and we are on purpose together.

That is the most beautiful thing."

- Sepp and Jessica H.  |  Australia
"My biggest dream at the time was to become a missionary. It was everything I ever wanted. So when I found this way to create a residual income…now I can go globally and help thousands of people all over the globe. 

That did it for me, it was huge... I reached my dream in a much shorter time frame than I was thinking! It gave me the opportunity to touch the lives of so many people out there.

I love it. I'm living my dream!"

- Silvia F.  |  Canada
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